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And Now for a Word

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I like blogs, however the blogs I like most are those I can find on Google through a search engine in answer to a specific problem.

I’d like this to be one of those blogs.

Hi! My name is Stuart Monteith.I created this blog because of my involvement in the Apache Kato incubator project. This project aims to develop JSR-326, a Java standard for an API that allows tools to debug Java programs, possibly JVMs.

Why should you care? Ultimately, the aim is to solve programs with Java programs in a different way that you might be used to. ¬†Anyone using more static languages, such as C and C++, will be used to attaching debuggers (such as windbg, dbx, gdb) to running programs. Fine, but they could also attach to programs that had crashed, or generated a core file for some other reason. You can’t do that in Java.

That is a little lie. However, you can’t do that on every JVM from every vendor and write tools to do it.

And finally, a link to a most excellent, non-Java blog:

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