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Whatever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi?

Filed under: apache,arm,kato,personal — Stuart @ 00:16

It has been a long while since I posted, and a lot has happened since then.

The Apache Incubator Kato has been retired and lots of inactivity. This was not surprising, there just wasn’t the will for the project to start again, and in open source an unwanted project dies, and rightly so. While I would have liked to, commitments at work at IBM and the birth of my daughter conspired to prevent that from happening.

I have also moved from Winchester to Cambridge, changing from working at IBM to working at ARM, which changes my perspective on things too, and my paymaster.

So what’s in the future? I will be learning lots about the ARM architectures – particularly ARMv8 and the 64bit variant of that. I have ideas for some projects, but more on that in the future.

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