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Well, January was an interesting month.

The Kato project had some much needed input from Lukasz from Poland. One of the more useful things about the Apache Kato project is it provides an API for accessing hprof files. Previously each tool would need to write its own implementation of an hprof file reader.

The kato project includes a little tool called “KatoView” that allows hprof files to be queried on a command line. While it’s usefulness is limited, there are some useful things that can be done.

I am learning to be a release manager for the project. Apache operate in its own unique way, and it is taking some getting used to, but one of the fundamental processes is the Voting process.

Last week I asked the Incubator project management to vote on whether or not Kato’s first release should be allowed out into the wild.The voting process is roughly as described here. An email is sent with the subject “[VOTE] subject to vote on”, a description of what is being voted on and an announcement of when the vote is to be closed. This should be a minimum of 3 days. People will then vote +1, 0 or -1.

+1  is used to indicate when someone supports the proposal.

0 is used when the voter is neutral.

-1 is when the voter is opposed to the proposal.

Often voters will have additional comments, especially if -1 or even 0 votes are submitted.Generally at least 3 +1’s are required. Under some circumstance -1 constitutes a veto.

The Apache Kato incubator has few active participants, and with insufficient votes the “lazy consensus” approach is often used. i.e. lack of votes constitutes tacit support.

1 day to go on the M1-incubating release. Fingers crossed for lots of +1s 🙂

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